Best Samsung Phones Under 15000

Best Samsung Phones Under 15000

Hello readers in this article we are going to cover the top Samsung smartphones that can be friendly to your pocket and has the latest updated hardware and software to offer in the market.

For benchmark’s sake, we are going to look at Samsung smartphones under rupees 15000

Let me show you our team has taken a lot of efforts to scroll through to the features of each and every smartphone along with its price bracket to come to this article. And we are going to take a top-down approach where people start with no.5 and go up till the top phone.

№5 — Samsung galaxy M11

Samsung Galaxy M11
Samsung Galaxy M11


This phone comes with a very stylish body made of plastic although it seems to be the least preferred material to be on your phone it has a very good finish when compared to other phones in the market with the same plastic body.

Android version:

Samsung galaxy m11 comes with Android 10 which is the latest version of the Android available in the market for Samsung galaxy series.

Charging and Battery:

Samsung galaxy m11 comes with a fast-charging type-c outlet with 15-watt charger and comes with 5000 MH battery

This battery capacity is good enough to hold on for a day’s work and thanks to the fast charging in 30 minutes you can pull off up to 80% off the charging capacity


Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 series is planted in galaxy m11. This is fast enough to handle semi top and games and application

Memory and storage:

Samsung galaxy m11 comes with 4GB of Ram and 64GB of storage which can be expanded to 512 GB


Samsung galaxy m11 comes with a triple camera setup with the main camera having 13 mp + 5 mp of wide-angle lens + 2MP of depth sensor lens. Selfie camera boasts of well-lit 8 Mp camera

Price :

The price of Samsung galaxy A7 has two variants one that comes for 10000/- while the top end model comes for almost 13000/-


Samsung galaxy A21s

Samsung Galaxy A21s
Samsung Galaxy A21s


This phone also is made of plastic but again finishing was it is slightly lower than the previous phone that was compared. Fingerprint sensors on the back of the phone.

Android version

Samsung galaxy A21s has Android 10 which is again the latest version available for Samsung series phones

Charging and battery capacity

This phone comes with a fast charging 15w facility to charge of 5000 mAh battery.


Samsung galaxy a20 1S comes with 6.5 inch HD plus amoled display


Samsung galaxy A2 1S incorporates the flagship Exynos 850 octa core processor this processor is fast enough to run some of the top and games and application that are available in the Play Store


Samsung galaxy A2 1S comes with a quad camera setup. Primary camera has a stunning 48 MP sensor. Followed by 8mp wide-angle lens, 2MP depth lens, and another 2MP macro lens.

Selfie camera comes with a stunning 13mp lens is a part of the punch hole camera setup

Memory & Storage

light in the previous version Samsung galaxy A2 1S comes with 4GB of Ram and 64GB of storage which again can be expanded to 512 GB


Samsung galaxy a2 1S is priced at 14 999/-


Samsung galaxy a20 s

Samsung Galaxy A20s
Samsung Galaxy A20s

Body :

Samsung galaxy a20 s is made of polycarbonate and comes with the shiny finish that can steal glances from people who might envy this phone’s looks. Like almost all Samsung galaxy phones the fingerprint sensor is placed at the back

Battery and charging

Battery price it has a slightly lower range of 4000 mah but is accompanied by 15 watt fast charger. Dismissed can charge the phone at up to 80% in the first 30 minutes of your day


Samsung galaxy a20 s comes with 6.5 inch HD plus amoled display


Samsung galaxy a20 s comes with a triple camera setup with the primary camera offering 13 mp. Followed by 8 mp of wide angle lens and 5mp depth lens. The selfie camera boasts 13 megapixel lens and comes with water drop notch.

Memory and storage

Samsung galaxy a20 s comes with 4GB ram and 64GB storage which can be expanded to 512 GB


Samsung galaxy a20 is fired by Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 series of processor


Samsung galaxy a20 s is priced slightly lower than the previous version and that is exactly why it is at №3 the price of this phone is at 13 999/-

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Let’s move back and see which are the other two contenders popping the top Samsung smartphone under 15000


Samsung galaxy m30 s

Samsung Galaxy M30s
Samsung Galaxy M30s

Talk about this phone I am not going to list down each and every individual attributes like I did in the previous case surely we are going to personalize it a bit with my inputs

· Samsung galaxy m30 s comes with a plastic body but it has a gradient colour attached to it and that makes the smartphone simply beautiful.

· In terms of battery it again boasts 6000 mAh capacity with 15 watt type c fast charger. This paste can last for more than a day even if you push the limits of gaming and binge-watching

Here comes the good part

· In terms of display it comes with 6.4 inch super amoled display which is amazing for its collection.

· Talking about the camera setup Samsung galaxy m30 s has a triple camera on the back. The primary lens comes with 45 MP which support 4K video recording. It also has an 8mp wide angle lens and a 5mp depth lens.

· Selfie camera is placed as a water drop not with 16mp lens

· In terms of the processor this device comes with exit Exynos 9 series octa core processor which is labelled as 9611. Truly speaking this is there per tone of Samsung processing power. At any given day it can take on the top gaming and graphic applications on your smartphone

· Memory voice galaxy m30 has comes with 4GB ram and 64GB storage which again can be expanded to 512 GB

· Samsung galaxy m 30 s is placed at 14 999 and is clearly one of the best begins in the market today

And finally for the Best Samsung smartphone under 15000

Samsung Galaxy m21

Samsung Galaxy M21
Samsung Galaxy M21

Again this phone is not much different than the previous m30 s

It boasts almost all the same features right from 6000 ah battery , 6.4 inch super amoled display and triple camera setup of the same magnitude

· The difference is in the selfie camera which was 20 megapixel anas far superior output than the previous m 30 s which has 16 megapixel

· Another major upgrade in Samsung galaxy m21 is is that it gets Corning Gorilla glass 3 over the 6.4 inch super amoled display. This makes the phone scratch proof when compared to the previous version

· With 4GB of Ram 64 GB of storage which can be expanded to 512 GB the rest of the specifications are almost same when compared to Samsung galaxy m30

· The final icing on the cake is that this phone is thousand rupees cheaper than m30s. Currently priced at 13 999 Samsung galaxy m21 is clearly top phone that you can have for a Samsung smartphone under 15000